Becoming Shift Manager

I have been with our local McDonald's since October 2015 and I was given the opportunity to become shift manager. However, my GM is dragging her feet to get me certified as a crew trainer so I can start management training. I'm really excited to become manager. Any help with crew training certification and management certification will be greatly appreciated.


I had my interview today and the hiring manager told me that he would like to hire me. He said that I would have to go to orientation next week where I will fill out papers and such. Do they usually call or email to tell when and where orientation will take place? Because I'm unsure if I should call myself.

Another problem is that I don't have caller ID. So I don't have the hiring managers number to even do a follow up, just the stores number.

Does your franchise allow shift managers at 17?

In my store there are never less than 2 managers at a time because we're sort of high volume for our size as my store manager put it. Anyways, I've been looking at management since I started working here and a lot of the other shift managers support me moving up. I became a crew trainer and area manager in less than 7 months of being here and am already half way through the shift management training course. I was wondering of how likely it would be they would promote me at 17 when I complete the course and certification. Does anyone's store have shift managers at 17? Or am I going to have to wait till I'm 18? Thanks!

Need LMS Help from an experienced manager please!!!

So my coach and DM in the people department have been trying to get the LMS or any of the crew training videos to work on our designated computer but have been unable to get anything to come up. We have called SEI several times but every time they transfer us to ignite and have us do a basic reboot and a full system restore and set it to factory settings so it re downloads the LMS program and let it stay on overnight but every time it does nothing and they offer no solution. Our GM doesn't know what to do and we can't get any further help from SEI, does anyone have any information regarding a similar experience? If so it'd be great. Thanks

What is going on with upcoming management?

My store has recently lost a handful of good shift managers because they all went on to bigger and better things. So my store manager has been aggressively trying to make up for these lost shift managers. Some of them are good, the ones who are already certified and do run the shifts. But there are some who are still area managers (like myself, but im only 16 so I can't be a shift manager) and they are terrible. Their claimed to work very hard and follow procedures the best, yet when I work with them, they are yelling and screaming and can't keep the situation under control. I've only been there for 9 months and I helped train some of these rising up shift managers. Some even talk about how their going to start becoming douche bags just because things aren't going their way. And one of these shift managers are in a relationship with a crew member who talk poorly about the crew. And I know our crew isn't the best, but their not being supportive and their just tearing everyone down even though things are getting done. What should I do? Should I take it up with my store manager? Or am I just overthinking some of these things. LOL.

Need some help with being transferred between stores

I've worked in my franchise for about 13 months now. I was promoted to Crew Trainer after my first 4 months, then Floor Supervisor a month later, then after only 3 months, I became a Certified Swing Manager at the age of 19. I was transferred to a smaller store located within a Wal-Mart a week later. Initially this wasn't what I intended or wanted.

Thankfully the store I was transferred to, which is the store I'm at currently, is ran by one of the most efficient Store Managers I have ever met. The crew, which consists of only 9 people including me, have all worked for our franchise for years and are hard-working, kind, and motivated individuals. Unlike the somewhat lazy and unreliable crew at the larger store I initially worked at.

I've been doing really well. I actually received a 100% on my first Mystery Shop at my new location. I'm the primary closing manager and one of only four Shift Managers (including my store manager.) We have earned several "cleanliness" awards and have only received one complaint in our store's lifetime. Although we are small, we are renown for being one of the most proficient stores within our franchise (12 stores total.)

The whole reason behind my transfer was due to the fact that the manager that was initially sent to the smaller location complained to our District Manager and stated that he could not work there due to the fact that the majority of the crew only speaks Spanish. I'm bilingual so I was the next best candidate.

The same individual that my old store "traded" me for was just terminated for taking money from the safe and making up for it with fake refunds and outrageous promos. All over the course of a single week.

So our District Manager informed me that I may be going back to the larger store because they're having a tough time due to the loss of the closing shift manager. Is there anyway I can have a say in this at all? Can I refuse to be transferred back? I know that it is one of my stipulations but I feel like this is a special circumstance and quite frankly, I love where I am now and wouldn't move without a significant raise. The larger store does 10x more business so I understand how it takes priority in situations like this, but where do my wants and concerns come into play?
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Since I cannot get any answers on the internet, I found this little site and hope to get some answers/suggestions.

I worked for Mcdonalds for almost 4 years. Was an above average employee, liked by jut about everyone.

I am going to make a list of things that go on in the store I worked in and then I will let you know why I got fired at the end.

1. People taking 4-5 20 minute shits a day while on their phones.
2. People not doing dishes, watching tv in the break room.
3. Store manager who yells and screams at workers in front of customers.
4. Store manager who will give you ZERO raise when EVERY manager you work with says you are a good worker and deserve a raise.
5. Store manager who destroys employee surveys that are handed to the managers who oversee your work the most. i.e. Bob the manager is given a sheet to fill out for my performance. Bob gives me a glowing review. Store manager sees the good comments, destroys the paper so she can give me zero raise.

6. Workers showing up, doing hardly anything, we are made to do their work, nothing is said, we are not compensated.

7. Being told by the owner that if we have problems to bring them to the store manager. We bring the problems to her and she turns them around on us and says we are the problem.

8. Racial issues. We live in a basically 99% white area. There was a black fellow who was hired and was treated differently than the rest of us. He was allowed at least 3 no call no shows. Each time he was in jail. He was welcomed back with open arms EVERYTIME. For the rest of the crew 1 no call/no show and you are terminated on the spot. Add to his no call/no shows several tardies, several callins. Nothing was done until it got really bad.

9. Going to the store manager with issues. If she doesnt turn them around on you, she will stop you before you can even start and tell you that she doesnt have time to listen.

So there is a TINY list of some of the things that happen.

Onto why I got fired. I had a bad flu/kidney infection. I called in 2 days. On the evening of the second day I realized I could not find my paper with my schedule on it. I was due back at work the next day. I called the store 2 times to try to get someone to check my schedule real fast. It is normally very slow at night at this store so I called about 8pm. I got no answer either time I called.

So not wanting to be late for my shift the next day, I took a cab up to the store, let the manager on duty know that I wouldnt be there except I needed to check my schedule. He says ok, check my schedule, grab a chicken wrap on the way out since I was really sick for 2 days and hadnt eaten.

Walk to work in -15 degree weather the next day. Get fired. Now I understand that showing up to work on a day you call in on is a bad thing. I get it. I explained that I only showed up to work at all that night because I needed my schedule and didnt want to be late for my next shift.

Fast forward to payday. I go in, pick up my check and they try to tell me I cannot have it until I turn in my uniforms. I told them very politely and calmly that it is against the law to hold my check and I would like to get mine. I told them my uniforms would be dropped off as soon as I had a chance to wash them. I get my check and leave. No yelling, no screaming, no bickering.

Next day. I get a call from the police telling me I am trespassed from the property. They got a report from the store owner that I was in there screaming, yelling, carrying on. I have witnesses to the interaction I had when I was there. I was calm, friendly and polite. I know they were pissed that I picked up my check. They like to do the power play when people quit/get fired. Well in my state it is illegal to try to keep someones check. I know that is why they were mad.

What I need is a way to contact the district/regional manager to let them know what is going on with this store. The lying to police, the racial discrimination, and all the rest.

Does anyone know how I can find the information I need?

Becoming Management?

Hey guys, I was just wondering if you could give me a few pointers on working my way up through my franchise. I want to become part of the management team and ultimately be an owner/operator.
I'm only 16 and have been working at my store for 7 months.
I have completed every SOC in the store and was just recently promoted to area manager. I have also been a crew trainer for a couple of months. I don't know if I'm on the right track or not right now?
Does anyone have a set plan that has led them to sucess? I am really working hard and Ive heard from my store manager that I'm further ahead than half of my shift managers in SIO (shift into overdrive) training. I come in an hour early (Off the clock) every shift to go back over procedures and stay an hour late (off the clock) to make sure the store looks presentable and safety is ensured for the customers.
Please help. Thank you.
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Having trouble with wrong orders

Mcds GM to the community here and I was just looking for ideas. I have an issue with my store handing wrong or unfilled orders out the window. Has anyone had this issue and found a good way around it? I have tried everything but we still get constant complaints about this issue. Any former or current crew here that could come up with some ideas would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!