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BREAK FOOD IDEAS! Okay... today i'm going to give you a recipe you… - McDonald's Talk [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 22nd, 2006|12:32 am]
McDonald's Talk of LJ



Okay... today i'm going to give you a recipe you all should try that makes for delicious break food! I feel like Marta fucking Stewart right now!

anywho... take a 8' flour tortia shell that we use for the breakfast burritos. put it in the filet stemmer and press "go"!

Put the stemmed tortia shell on a double cheeseburger wrap. Add on Ranch Sauce, and shredded lettuce, and you can even cut up some tomatoes and put those on there.

take a piece of spicy chicken breast and cut it into small slices and add to the tortia shell. and wrap it up, and enjoy!

Try it and tell me what you think!

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[User Picture]From: mother
2006-01-21 09:41 pm (UTC)
I'll try that Monday night. Thanks! :D
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[User Picture]From: freakanddorkin1
2006-01-21 11:11 pm (UTC)
No prob. It's pretty damn good.
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[User Picture]From: catnamedrabbit
2006-01-21 10:03 pm (UTC)
Take 1 grill chicken, chop it up.. add onions green peppers a d barbeque sause... mix it up REAL good, GRILL IT LIKE A CHEF on teh grill.. wrap em up in tortilla shells and ENJOY.

Topping inside shells optional.
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[User Picture]From: freakanddorkin1
2006-01-21 11:10 pm (UTC)
sounds good... to bad we don't have green peppers in america. :(
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[User Picture]From: curtisp1987
2006-01-21 10:05 pm (UTC)
mmm that ranch thing sounds good, i'll have to try it tomorrow maybe
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[User Picture]From: freakanddorkin1
2006-01-21 11:10 pm (UTC)
Yeah... try it out... it went over real well with my crew today.
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[User Picture]From: ladyeve901
2006-01-22 12:00 am (UTC)
I've done that before a lot - but with turkey deli meat and mustard... and.. without the filet steamer... what does the steamer add? this is interesting.

Also. An Orange Julis. 21 once cold cup, ice cream, orange juice, put on a flurry lid, and mix it carefully in the flurry machine. mmmmmmmmm.

Or, bruschetta. Whole wheat TDS bun, with cut up tomatos and slivered onions and parmasan cheese, put in the oven under the pie timer, and voila, bruschetta. delicous.
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[User Picture]From: curtisp1987
2006-01-22 12:07 am (UTC)
a nice treat is mixing ice cream with McD Orange drink. mmmm it tastes like an orange creamcicle.
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[User Picture]From: catnamedrabbit
2006-01-22 07:34 am (UTC)
We once baked chicken wings in our oven XD. It was fora pot luck and honey garlic is god.
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[User Picture]From: angeleyes35
2006-01-22 09:07 am (UTC)
We used to make quesadillas... 2 tortilla shells - sliced grilled chicken - cheddar jack cheese - tomatoes - lettuce - whatever you like. . . then grill it under the 4:1 clamshell.... And it was awesome when we still had chicken fajitas cause then we had sour cream as well....
Of course, I was a crew person when we did that. And if I caught my employees doing that now I'd probably be suspending some people.... I also highly recommend oreo cookie shakes using either choc or vanilla shakes and oreo flurry topping. At least you have a way to ring that up on the register
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[User Picture]From: moonchylde
2006-03-16 01:21 pm (UTC)
And if I caught my employees doing that now I'd probably be suspending some people....


*bites tongue*
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[User Picture]From: karibu
2006-01-23 01:05 am (UTC)
This is SUCH a good idea! The Bruschetta was FANTASTIC tonight! Thank you!!

Alternatively, this is what I've come up with to share with y'all. Some were of my creation, some were not. And a fried-egg sandwich didn't make the list, but is something I had a few days ago with the toasted deli rolls, some eggs, hollandaise sauce and two strips of bacon. I mean... they have a breakfast TDS in Australia, why can't we? ;) If I think of more, I'll let y'all know. Because I just KNOW I'm missing some.

Reply #1

One order of hotcakes, heated.
1oz ladle of strawberry sauce
one serving of soft serve - optional

Kinda obvious, but ladle strawberries onto hotcakes. Top with ice cream. (As requested by every gal who's ever been pregnant whilst working at our store.)

Caesar Wraps
One portion Crispy chicken, chopped
Two tortilla shells
Leaf lettuce
Caesar sauce
Two strips of bacon
Parmesan cheese.

Assemble much like a fajita, but do not heat.

Carrie's "I'm-Tryin'-To-Be-An-Omlette"
Three eggs
diced tomatoes
slivered onions
green peppers
celery (when you've got it)
bacon bits
grill seasoning
shredded montery/cheddar cheese

Scramble eggs in a 16oz cold cup with a fork. Place vegetables on grill, and pour eggs on top. Shake grill seasoning onto eggs (desired amount dependant on person eating the eggs). With a clean spatula, flip the egg mixture over when it starts to become white-ish around the edges. It's probably going to slop over the 'edges' a bit, and that's ok. Serve when browned on both sides. Top with cheese.
***SAFETY ISSUE! Be sure to steam your grill when done!

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From: (Anonymous)
2006-10-18 07:52 pm (UTC)

the omlette

at the mcdonalds i work at we would never be able to get away with making an omlette on the grill like that
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[User Picture]From: karibu
2006-01-23 01:06 am (UTC)
Reply #2

One portion Chicken McGrill, chopped
two torilla shells
shredded carrots
slivered onions
green peppers
grill seasoning
three slices tomatoes, quartered
12oz water

Assemble all contents onto a breakfast base (except for seasoning). Place on grill. With spatula, make a small "pile". Pour water onto the "pile". Sauté until water is evaporated. Assemble fajitas using hot mixture.
Variation: Do the same thing, but add half a packet of barbecue and half a packet of hotcake syrup to the mix before adding the water. This is very good. Kinda… mesquite-ish.

Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae </i>This was SO popular when I made it up, that at the time, we had to BAN the damn thing!</i>
two shots hot fudge
five ounces soft serve
two packets of peanut butter

Place peanut butter in original sealed containers in the HLZ five minutes before going on break. When break commences, open one package of peanut butter and pour into the bottom of a sundae cup. Add one shot of hot fudge. Fill with ice cream. Top with another shot of hot fudge. Open remaining packet of peanut butter and pour over top. (At this point both portions of peanut butter should be melted enough to resemble a liquid.) I'm tell you, this is the MOST amazing concoction... simply amazing.

PB&J Sundae
two ounces of strawberries
five ounces soft serve
two packets of peanut butter

This came about after the Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Sundae. Again, place peanut butter packets in the HLZ five minutes before break. Assemble in the same manner as previous sundae.

Apple Pie McFlurry
one hot apple pie
one small McFlurry cup of soft serve
one shot caramel

Fill McFlurry cup half way with ice cream. Crumble an apple pie and place in cup. Quickly fill remainder of cup with soft serve. Add one shot of caramel - then mix. *works well with feature flavours as well, though the caramel may be omitted. I really wish we had pumpkin for me to try this with...

Barbecue Tortilla Pizza</u>
two tortilla shells
two 10:1 patties, chopped
one packet Barbecue sauce
diced tomatoes
slivered onions
green peppers
shredded Montery / Cheddar cheese

Using some of the cheese, place in between two tortilla shells on a parchment lined pie pan. Usinga sundae spoon, coat the tortilla with barbecue sauce (may use more than one packet if desired). Top with meat, then vegetables, then remainder of cheese. Cook under "ready baked biscuit (9min)" or "Baked Pie" (12min).

Spicy Strips
five individual Chicken Select Strips
three packets Spicy Hot Sauce
two packets of ketchup
one shot mustard
one sugar packet (if you like a sweet n' spicy flavour)

Mix the sauces, mustard and sugar in the lid of a breakfast base. Taking the strips (from frozen), place them in the mixture until well coated. Place on a double-parchment paper lined pie pan and bake under "Baked Muffins"(33min). Be sure to test the centre with a pyrometre to ensure they're above 165F. Enjoy with ranch dipping sauce, or alone.

12oz Orange Juice
Orange drink
Strawberry Passion Awareness Fruitopia

Using a 21oz cold cup, fill with 12oz of orange juice. Then fill the remainder of the cups with equal portions of the following three ingredients. Enjoy.

Frozen Hot Chocolate
16oz Hot chocolate
1 shot cream (for medium sized drinks)
1-2 ounces soft serve ice cream
Ice (crushed if you want to spend time doing it.)

In an 18oz hot cup, pour 16oz Hot chocolate. Add cream. Stir. Add ice cream to mixture and carefully stir with a flurry spoon. Add ice and stir.

Ice Cream pizza
6 oz soft serve ice cream
Oreo cookies
Six packets margarine
One shot hot fudge
two shots hot caramel

Melt margarine in original packets in HLZ. Mix with oreo cookies in a big breakfast base. Chill. Top oreo mixture with hot fudge and one shot of hot caramel. Spread. Chill. Top with ice cream and chill. Drizzle with hot caramel.
*This was invented by one of our maintenance guys on the occasion of a birthday of another maintenance guy.

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From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-16 08:54 am (UTC)

OT: observations about organizations

I'm getting hungry reading these posts sitting home at my computer eating a cold can of peas and diced carrots. Can I say something off topic and make some philosophical observations?

I always believed that in hierarchical organizations the people who rose to the top were those interested in power and control while the people actually doing the work actually knew much more about the business and would do a much better job if they were put in charge of the organization. I learned this from my experience working and in churches. The posts in this thread prove this point better than anything else I can think of: the people working at Mac D's know much more about preparing food than any corporate type ever will.
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Apple Pie McFlurry - (Anonymous) Expand
[User Picture]From: karibu
2006-01-23 01:06 am (UTC)
Reply #3

Orange Creamsicle
Orange drink
Soft serve ice cream

In a 21 oz cup, mix ice cream with orange drink. Pour into three 12 oz cups. Insert sundae spoon into each and place in the freezer. Remove when frozen.

Fruit Salad
Four ounces frozen strawberries
1 ounce frozen blueberries
1 package Apple Slices, chopped
2 ounces mandarin oranges, drained
1 ounce yogurt
1 ounce granola (optional)

In a side salad base, mix fruit with yogurt. Top with granola, if desired.
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From: kill_the_lights
2006-01-27 09:18 pm (UTC)
omg...all of your recipes sound delicious! im not allowed in the grill b/c i am front counter but i am going to try all the ice cream stuffs...thanks!!!

am looking forward to work just so i can try the orange creamsicle and the frozen hot chocolate :D~
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From: davereplys
2006-03-16 06:41 am (UTC)

Here from BoingBoing

It's been a while since I worked in McDonald's, but I had my own favorite burger.

Dried Onions - Cheese melts into better than the fresh onions.
BBQ Sauce - from the Mc Rib
Quarter Pounder
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-16 07:01 am (UTC)

Re: Here from BoingBoing

Flippin' McRib! Yum! I got here via BB too, and haven't worked @ McD's for a while either.

But I haven't seen the Donut. If you make the biscuits from dough still, take a bit of the dough, form it into a ring, and fry in the fry vat. Sprinkle with sugar. Devour delicious donuts!
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[User Picture]From: thecandyaddict
2006-03-16 08:33 am (UTC)

Outback Steakhouse

I used to work at Outback Steakhouse and we did the same thing and made our own recipes. My favorite was taking a 5oz chicken breast and breading it with the Bloomin Onion flour then deep frying it. Made a WONDERFUL spicy chicken sandwich.

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From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-16 08:35 am (UTC)

U must be barmy eating that junk

Good lord! you should watch your weight and read some healthy diet web pages - any one less than 130kg's here?
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-26 07:30 pm (UTC)

Re: U must be barmy eating that junk

I have ate this crap for 4 years now and I only weigh 112 pounds. But thanks for the observation.
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-16 08:49 am (UTC)
I don't work at McD, but I did get them to make me a Shamrock Shake + Oreo McFlurry once. Yum.
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-16 01:33 pm (UTC)

From Boing Boing

I also don't work at McD's, but we concoted the Chicken, Egg and Cheese McMuffin at about 3am, one morning. The local McD's was staying open all night. They did the limited menu until about 3, when they switched over to breakfast. We went through and asked them to make the sandwich, which they said they couldn't do.

So we ordered the $.99 McChicken, drove back around 5 minutes later and ordered the Egg McMuffin. Add the chicken patty to the Egg McMuffin and you have the perfect, late night, post-bar meal.
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[User Picture]From: k9d
2006-03-16 08:56 am (UTC)
i like to take a poop in the milk ... then stir ... don't shake it! yum :)
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-16 10:34 am (UTC)
What's that called, "Floater Float?"
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[User Picture]From: wtfomg
2006-03-16 09:29 am (UTC)
Here from boing boing as well.

I never got too creative back when I worked at the Mac, but let me tell you, McDonald Chili Cheese Fries are the best fries you will ever have. Only able to have them in the winter, sadly. Put some fries on a pancake tray, rip up and sprinkle around one or two pieces of cheese, and pour that chili on there.
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