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55 Customer annoyances

I was shooting for 100 annoyances but I've only gotten halfway. Oh, well......

the first 23 were supplied by people on this site. The rest are from my own experience. 

54 Customer Annoyances
1. Blowing smoke in your face in the DT from their cigarette

2. Not turning the wipers off in DT while it's raining

3. Handing you coins that are stuck together from whatever the hell dripped in the car

4. Handing you a fist full of ones individually crumpled up

5. Ordering items specific to another fast food chain
6. Yes, idiot, the meal comes with a damn soda.(The price of the drink is factored into the cost of the meal. THAT”S why it is rung seperately.)

7. If there are 5 cars waiting to order behind you don't take 10 minutes to order. Get the hell out of my drive-thru and come inside.

8. I'm not sorry it is against your religion to eat bacon. I told you there was bacon on the sandwich before you ordered, you moron. It is called a Ranch BLT for a reason.

9. If you're sensitive to caffeine get DeCaf coffee, not half and half. It slows us down, it really does.

10. If you want your ice cream in a cup say so when you freaking order. It is a pain in the ass if I have to walk back across the store to get you a cup.

11. If there is a negative 20 wind chill and I am in drive-thru of course I am cold. So please, don't ask.

12. Yes I do get wet when it is raining, too. So please shut off your windshield wipers.

13. I do not care how furious you may be don't come behind the freaking counter. I will call the cops on you. Then we will see how furious you can actually get.

14. If you tell me you're not ready yet I will reply with "Tell me whenever you're ready to order." That means tell me when you're fucking ready to order, dumbass. Don't sit there for 5 minutes and then go HELLO YOU STILL THERE WHY AIN'T YOU TAKING MY ORDER??!!!! I've been waiting for your fat ass.

15. Better yet, know what you want before you pull up to the god damn window.

16. The driver must order for everyone. I can not hear your 5 year old in the back seat of your mini-van, mom.

17. English isn't your first language? Come inside. Heavy accents do not translate well over the intercom. Not my fault if I ring in a Sprite instead of a Fry when you pronounce them the same damn way.

18. We do not have a god damn fish burger.
19. Afraid that we are somehow transmitting Mad Cow Disease in our beef? Don't eat at a freaking BURGER restaurant.

20. Mute people need to come inside. How the hell do I take your order in drive-thru?

21. If you order 10 different meals five minutes to close do not look at me like you're shocked that you have to wait for your food.

22. I love the Hispanic people that I work with and do not appreciate your racist attitude, dude.

23. Do not, and I repeat DO NOT come through drive-thru naked. I have the right to refuse service to you.
24. If you want sauce for your nuggets or sugar packets for your coffee ask at the front drive window, not the back.
25. ‘Lite ice’ doesn’t work at all McDonalds. If we tell you our machine can’t do that, it’s not our fault. The only item that’s the exception is usually iced tea.
26. When it comes to iced tea PLEASE specify sweet or unsweetened when you order.
27. Some locations CAN”T split bills between a card and cash. Ask at the speaker if you can do this and not at the window. This leads to drive-offs which cause massive headaches for whoever is working drive-thru.
28. Keep your loading/reloading of Arch Cards to 2 cards per visit in drive-thru. Any more, please go inside.
29. I don’t mind you counting out exact change. I DO mind when you hand me a few dollar bills and count out the last 3 or more dollars AT MY WINDOW. If you’re going to give me change, try to have the amount ready before you order.
30. Unless you’re at a single drive-thru window, please pull ahead after you pay for your order. (I understand if you can’t because of a car in front of you.)
31. If you are giving me a $50 or $100 bill for a $1-$3 purchase first thing in the morning you WILL have to wait so I can get change.
32. When you’re special-ordering a sandwich PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me if you want the meal and what size BEFORE giving me the sandwich adjustments.
33. I can’t change the prices. You have a problem with what we charge, take it up with Corporate.
34. I don’t mind if you hand me a roll of change. I DO mind when you hand me butt-loads of loose change when your order is over $6!
35. This is not an IHOP! Do not waffle on your orders! Our computers usually only allow a certain number of corrections before it locks us out.
36. Drive offs are inconsiderate and mean that we have to write off whatever food we’ve already made. It’s a pain and a hassle.
37. A nod to lobby and front counter crew: We’re not maids! Clean up after yourselves and don’t expect us to do it for you. We have jobs to do.
36. Also, in Drive-thru, please don’t ask us to throw away your garbage. Walk your ass to the trash can and do it yourself!
37. Be decisive! Try to know what you want BEFORE you get to the speaker.
38. If it’s busy, you have to wait. Simple as that.
39. If you pay THEN want to change something on your order, you will have to wait while a manager does the refund then I re-ring the item. If you want to ADD something, that’s a bit less annoying.
40. I am not a gymnast! Please pull as close to the window as you can so that I don’t have to stretch so far I hurt myself.
41. It is a good idea to always have some cash on hand if your credit/debit card doesn’t work.
42. When you pull to my speaker and talk right after the recording PLEASE don’t get snippy with me when I ask you to repeat your order. If I was away from the computer then I probably didn’t pay attention to what you wanted. Likewise, please don’t just pull away from the speaker then snap at me at the window: “You didn’t tell me my total.”
43. Kids flip-flop by nature. Decide for your kids or get them to make up their minds.
44. Do not talk on your cell phone while you are ordering. It makes it confusing for whoever is taking your order.
45. If you have pulled to the window to pay, please check that the cashier isn’t standing there waiting for you. We don’t like being ignored. It’s not nice.
46. “Well, other McDonalds do it.” Then go to another McDonalds.
47. Again, check to see if you have enough money BEFORE coming through the drive-thru. Counting change THEN handing me a card just runs up out times and makes the managers cranky.
48. Diesel engines are noisy and hard to hear over. Please turn them off so we can get your order right but also, it’s nice to warn us when you’re starting up again. Many of us would like to still be able to hear 10 years from now.
49. Don’t make us run through lists: coffee flavors, dipping sauces, drinks, etc. Again, it just runs up our times.
50. If you want to add something after I give you your total and store it, understand that you will have to wait till you get to the next window to make the adjustment.
51. I don’t mind if you’re car/truck has a trailer attached. But be aware that you may be asked to pull past the front drive window so we can keep the line moving.
52. When we ask you questions at the speaker it’s not because we like hearing our own voice. Please respond to questions.
53. For the record, we’re psycho. Not psychic. ;)
54. For the sake of our drive-thru times PLEASE don’t just take your sweet old time giving us money.
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