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Having trouble with wrong orders [Jan. 14th, 2014|03:46 pm]
McDonald's Talk of LJ
Mcds GM here....new to the community here and I was just looking for ideas. I have an issue with my store handing wrong or unfilled orders out the window. Has anyone had this issue and found a good way around it? I have tried everything but we still get constant complaints about this issue. Any former or current crew here that could come up with some ideas would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!

[User Picture]From: goldensnitch10
2014-01-15 05:23 am (UTC)
It happens at ours too and the managers lecture us for each mistake and move on. They put notes up in the crew room a lot on how to be efficient in each spot, i.e. order taker, grill, runner, and presenter, to make sure as few mistakes as possible are made. They also make sure if someone is making a lot of mistakes they get moved to another spot, even if it's exiled back to dishes or out to lobby, and someone goes in their place who can do better.
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