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Becoming Management? [Jan. 19th, 2014|02:33 pm]
McDonald's Talk of LJ
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

Hey guys, I was just wondering if you could give me a few pointers on working my way up through my franchise. I want to become part of the management team and ultimately be an owner/operator.
I'm only 16 and have been working at my store for 7 months.
I have completed every SOC in the store and was just recently promoted to area manager. I have also been a crew trainer for a couple of months. I don't know if I'm on the right track or not right now?
Does anyone have a set plan that has led them to sucess? I am really working hard and Ive heard from my store manager that I'm further ahead than half of my shift managers in SIO (shift into overdrive) training. I come in an hour early (Off the clock) every shift to go back over procedures and stay an hour late (off the clock) to make sure the store looks presentable and safety is ensured for the customers.
Please help. Thank you.

From: ktmart1n3
2014-01-19 07:44 pm (UTC)
To clarify a bit: I don't want to move up right now, since I'm 16, I technically can't. I just want to be ready, by the time Im 18, that if my store manager thinks I deserve it, then it will be a smooth transition. And I don't want to jump on anything fast, I want to move into the correct and most successful way.
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[User Picture]From: goldensnitch10
2014-01-19 10:11 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you're doing just fine. Just keep going above and beyond and they will be happy with you.
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[User Picture]From: cats_haven
2014-01-21 05:18 am (UTC)
You're doing the right thing, now. Just take it slow and perfect the skills you'll need later, including leading a team and communicating. Everything else is rather easy. I could show you a few good examples of what not to do from the franchise I used to work at several years ago.
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