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Need some help with being transferred between stores - McDonald's Talk [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Need some help with being transferred between stores [Mar. 3rd, 2014|05:10 am]
McDonald's Talk of LJ
I've worked in my franchise for about 13 months now. I was promoted to Crew Trainer after my first 4 months, then Floor Supervisor a month later, then after only 3 months, I became a Certified Swing Manager at the age of 19. I was transferred to a smaller store located within a Wal-Mart a week later. Initially this wasn't what I intended or wanted.

Thankfully the store I was transferred to, which is the store I'm at currently, is ran by one of the most efficient Store Managers I have ever met. The crew, which consists of only 9 people including me, have all worked for our franchise for years and are hard-working, kind, and motivated individuals. Unlike the somewhat lazy and unreliable crew at the larger store I initially worked at.

I've been doing really well. I actually received a 100% on my first Mystery Shop at my new location. I'm the primary closing manager and one of only four Shift Managers (including my store manager.) We have earned several "cleanliness" awards and have only received one complaint in our store's lifetime. Although we are small, we are renown for being one of the most proficient stores within our franchise (12 stores total.)

The whole reason behind my transfer was due to the fact that the manager that was initially sent to the smaller location complained to our District Manager and stated that he could not work there due to the fact that the majority of the crew only speaks Spanish. I'm bilingual so I was the next best candidate.

The same individual that my old store "traded" me for was just terminated for taking money from the safe and making up for it with fake refunds and outrageous promos. All over the course of a single week.

So our District Manager informed me that I may be going back to the larger store because they're having a tough time due to the loss of the closing shift manager. Is there anyway I can have a say in this at all? Can I refuse to be transferred back? I know that it is one of my stipulations but I feel like this is a special circumstance and quite frankly, I love where I am now and wouldn't move without a significant raise. The larger store does 10x more business so I understand how it takes priority in situations like this, but where do my wants and concerns come into play?