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Orientation [Jun. 4th, 2015|07:15 pm]
McDonald's Talk of LJ


I had my interview today and the hiring manager told me that he would like to hire me. He said that I would have to go to orientation next week where I will fill out papers and such. Do they usually call or email to tell when and where orientation will take place? Because I'm unsure if I should call myself.

Another problem is that I don't have caller ID. So I don't have the hiring managers number to even do a follow up, just the stores number.

[User Picture]From: serena_vox
2015-06-06 12:36 am (UTC)
The hiring manager should have given you papers with some of the info he took down plus directions to the orientation. Did you not get one?

Call the store and ask for the hiring manager or the general manager, one of them should be able to pull your paperwork to see which orientation you have been scheduled for and provide you with the necessary information.
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