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How to deal? [Oct. 18th, 2012|12:07 pm]
McDonald's Talk of LJ

Lowly crew member here.

About two years ago, my store put in a dual-speaker system. We didn't have room for a second lane, so they installed a second speaker about two car lengths in front of the first one (so someone coming through drive-through ends up at the new speaker before they pass the original). When someone's taking orders on the new speaker (which we call Speaker 2 even though it's the first one customers come to), they have to be in the front of the store, which just so happens to be as far away from the transmitter as someone could possibly be. This means that the headset is frequently full of static and intermittently cuts out. It seems like no one in charge cares about this problem--for a while, a guy from corporate would come in and stare stonily at the person taking orders on Speaker 2 or stand next to that speaker for a while, but nothing ever got fixed.

What does this mean? Well, for me, when I'm collecting in back booth, it means that I get to listen to every third or fourth person complain about how shitty the speaker is. I've finally gotten my spiel down to a reflex: "Yeah. Unfortunately, I can't do anything about that and corporate won't do anything about it, so if you call the 1-800 number on your receipt here, you might be able to get them to listen to you since you're a customer."

Way too many people laugh and give me back their receipt to throw away because "Oh, I was just letting you know."


I'm also pretty sick of people whining at me, the peon taking their cash or handing them their food, about how stupid the dual-speaker system is. I get a lot of those complaints every day. "Ever since you got that second speaker, you're even slower!" "Man, that new speaker's just too confusing." "My order got messed up because of the second speaker." (Er, no. If your order got messed up, it's because you couldn't take two gorram minutes to listen to the person trying to double-check your order and collect your money.) I've started to give answers similar to the one above: "Sorry, I have no power over that. Have a good day."

Any of you out there with double speaker systems, how do you deal with the whiners? Also, how sick are you of cigarette-smokers and/or cell-phone-talkers in DT?
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Stupid questions [Oct. 18th, 2012|10:51 am]
McDonald's Talk of LJ

This has nothing to do with anything, but don't y'all just LOVE IT when you go, wanna make that a combo?, and the customer replies WHAT COMES IN A COMBO.

Seriously. Why do we need to answer these questions? This is fast food, and people are acting like they've never been here before. This world we live in. (I understand not everyone eats out, but still.)

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Timer for coffee??? [Aug. 18th, 2012|09:58 pm]
McDonald's Talk of LJ

[mood |curiouscurious]

Hello. I was hoping if anybody new how to properly use the timer for the coffee pots. The timer we use are these rings with numbers on in. I hope I gave enough description for my question. Thanks for your help!!!
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Hey everyone. Quick question [Jun. 18th, 2012|01:15 pm]
McDonald's Talk of LJ
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

What are the requirements to be a McDonald's Resturant GM. It sounds very interesting to me right now I'm a shift manager/swing manager and Ive been running shifts pretty well and know everything about management. Right now I'm in the process of doing a full store inventory and about to start making truck orders and later on scheduling. My set goal is to have my own store in six months and I believe I can do it, my current store manager is rooting me on  and telling me to go for as well and he said I didnt need much training because of my experience now all I'm doing is waiting a praying to God that a store has a opening for that position thats near me in the next few months . I'm 21 and I've been in mcdonalds for almost three years about to go back to college as well and I wanna know what are the requirements to be one. I really believe jn myself on this one. So could anyone give me advice or steps to get there please. Thanks in advance
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(no subject) [Jun. 17th, 2012|03:59 am]
McDonald's Talk of LJ

So after leaving my old store (long story; I was going to study in Finland but my plans brutally fell through at the last minute) and being unemployed for a couple months, I ended up getting a job at a different McD's store in the next town over. (My SM now is my old GM's wife, funny enough, but that really doesn't play a role in my job now, just when I'm talking with friends from the old store.) And when I say "next town over", I also mean it's 8 miles away and across the state line from where I live, so there are some differences just due to state laws (Washington is pretty worker-friendly), but there's some other differences that I've been curious about.

Breaks: At my old store in Idaho, we got one half-hour break if we worked 6 hours or longer. At this store, I -think- it kicks in at 5.5 hours, but I'm not totally sure, but working 3 hours gives you a 10-minute paid break, and working a certain amount gets you a second 10-minute break (but I'm not sure what that is, since I rarely work more than 6 hours at a time). And looking back, it makes my old store seem almost draconian as far as breaks go. What are break policies at your stores?

Closing: This one definitely seems to be a store-by-store thing, but I was a closer when I worked at my old store. Back there, store owner and GM were very adamant that we get out by a certain time, and yelled at the closing managers if we were so much as 5 minutes late getting out. This made it so the managers were stressed out and rode us all hard to get stuff done as quickly as humanly possible. But now, the few times I've closed so far, it seems like we're under no real pressure to get out OMGNAO. Yes, things need to be done reasonably quickly and such, but nobody is snapping at your heels trying to make you go faster. Makes me actually WANT to close, lol.

Managers: My old store had tons of managers. Lots of times I'd come in to work, and there might be maybe 2 crew and possibly a crew trainer on the floor, and everyone else was managers. Sometimes there'd be more managers scheduled for a day than crew members. And of course, a lot of the managers had a self-important air to them and there was lots of infighting. This caused lots of problems when my old store closed for remodeling and they transferred all the employees to the sister store in town (same owner/GM), mostly because it created a huge hours crisis, and most crew members got shafted very badly. By the time the remodel started happening, I was already working at my current store, so I never had to deal with it, thank God.

For my current store...as many managers as there might be scheduled for one day at my old store is probably as many managers we have at this store in total. Even the weakest managers are still extremely capable workers here. (Old store, there were managers who needed serious re-training on correct procedures.) There are (depending on time of day) at most 3 managers on the floor at a time, it seems. I like this a lot better; it's very clear who's in charge, and there isn't all the backstabbing and McDrama that I experienced at my old store. Which way do your stores tend, more managers, or fewer?
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Second Day on the Job [Jun. 8th, 2012|11:32 am]
McDonald's Talk of LJ
So yesterday was my first day at McDonald's. This is my first job. I sort of got a hang of the cash register, it's a little complicated. But somethings I just can remember are frozen drink and oatmeal! My trained showed me how to make the oatmeal a few times but I just can't get it! Can someone tell me how? And also for the frozen drink, I know certain ones get whipped cream and a drizzle. Which ones are those? I can't remember if the picture shows it on the machine or what. I really need help with this oatmeal. I'm gonna have my first breakfast shift soon and I want to be prepared! Oh! And McFlurry's. She showed me really briefly about that! Is it weird if I go in and take notes today? I just wanna be prepared.  
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Crew Trainers [May. 15th, 2012|03:06 am]
McDonald's Talk of LJ
Tracy Betford
What are some responsibilities of a crew trainer. also do they have access to the ISP or have a code (NEWPOS) to do employee meals. I asked all of the manager and even the store manager and they say IDK i am the first Crew Trainer at my restaurant all of our manager skipped Crew Trainer and went straight to manager
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Hold times [Apr. 27th, 2012|01:18 pm]
McDonald's Talk of LJ
B honest: who are managers/have managers who honor the hold times on food, and who have the ones who don't?

My new boss has gone food-cost crazy at our store. She actually gets mad if we throw out product that has expired. She wants us to just reset the timer unless it "looks bad." If she sees wasted food in our destroyed food bins, she gets onto us about food cost and how "it's our raises and meals on the line." It's also funny as she specifically tells at us if that if we're caught doing it during and inspection we are fired. Just any other time it's cool, lol.

Does this happen in other stores? Maybe for food cost reasons, or just laziness (don't want to cook more patties or chicken, so they just reset the timer).
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a thanks to all... [Mar. 5th, 2012|07:08 am]
McDonald's Talk of LJ

So i am going in for my first day at McD. I have been pretty nervous as this is my first job. (Long story involving a very vicious circle). But i have to say, reading all these posts has made my nerves turn into excitement. Other than stupid customers(i cant believe people really do some of this stuff) and some crazy sounding managers and crew, most people seem to really enjoy their jobs. I am proud to say i'm joining the work force finally, and also joing the ranks of,as i have seen it written, McEmployees. Thanks to all for your stories. Doesn't look like people post much these days but i think it'll be nice to read this sometimes and know that other people feel the way im inevitably going to feel.
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Im a manager in training or MIT how long is the process? [Feb. 7th, 2012|03:25 pm]
McDonald's Talk of LJ
[mood |anxiousanxious]

Hey community i recently been hired at a mcdonalds i applyed for the shift manager position and tomorrow is my second day working at that one. i worked at another mcdonalds for seven months about a year ago so i kinda know what im working with, but one question before i go into my topic. is the new mcdonalds cash resgister screen with all the pics easier than the old pos screen? thats the one im accustomed to. but on to the question the mcdonalds i work at told me i gonna be a M.I.T for two weeks, they told me i will be running shifts. so ima gonna have to suck in everything quick, but the thing that kinda puzzles me is they gave me a crew shirt instead of a usual button down. the manager told me i will be wearing the crew shirt for two weeks because im gonna be a crew,swing,shift manager in training or until he tells me to wear a button down... did any of you managers have to go thru this. im not making a big deal about it im just curious. feel free to comment anyone...
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